SPYDER Car Awning

Adriateh patented design for quick and easy mounting without any paperwork

Meet Spyder Carport

All you need to mount the Spyder is a firm, flat surface. You don’t need to worry about a building permit because one is not required for this type of car awning. It comes in parts and is easy to assemble and transport. It is comprised of three basic elements: a concrete slab, a stainless steel or galvanized steel structure and a tarp available in six different colors. While designing the awning, we took weather conditions into account, so it will withstand intense sunlight, heavy rain, hail, heavy snowfall and strong wind. It is stabilized on the base surface by concrete blocks, i.e., pavers, which makes digging into the surface unnecessary.
The Spyder awning is intended for those lacking the time and motivation for the usual process of installing a car awning. Its protected modular design was developed for a wide range of applications, from private or professional uses, public parking lots, company VIP parking spaces, hotel resorts an shopping malls to private households.

Discover the key features of the Spyder

  • The mounting requires three to four hours
  • There is no paperwork
  • There is no digging or concrete laying
  • A video tutorial with assembly instructions is available
  • It can be comprised of several modules in a sequence

The owners of larger SUVs must be wondering whether they could park their vehicle under this kind of
awning. The answer is “yes”. The Spyder comes in 3 sizes.

Explore the tarp colors

Enjoy the exclusivity

Adriateh has redefined the idea of what car awning can be by introducing an innovative new product and changing the classic awning look and feel.


Promised superb quality
Genuine and attractive product with a patented design
Versatile usability
Available in 3 different sizes with a canvas covering offered in white, brown, beige, green, champagne and grey colour


Video step by step instructions for smooth assembly
Technical support from our team of professionals
Delivery within a reasonable time: 15- 30 days after order is accepted


Possibility of adjusting the form depending on the customers’ needs: available as one unit or several inline


Spyder awning is being produced in our state of the art production facilities with energy supply from our own solar power plant.

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