CARNET car wash system

up to 4 wash bays
up to 8 washing programs

About technology

The best combination of investment, usable space and efficiency without sacrificing the provided quality of car washing. The design is adapted for a limited space sufficient for up to four wash bays. The technical room is located in a small container.

Key Features

The best combination of investment, usable space and washing performance
Available in combination with all Adriateh structures
Adapted for the operation of up to 4 wash bays
Available with up to 8 washing programs
Built into a Type 2 container with the following dimensions: 5960 × 1500 × 2580 mm

Available washing programs:

Insects and rims

Active foam

Wash (powder)




Final rinsing (Osmosis)

Undercarriage Wash

Technical information

Container dimensions Type 2: 5960 x 1500 x 2580 mm
Number of wash bays 2 to 4
Maximum number of programs 8
CAT high-pressure pump 1 for each wash bay
Končar electric motor 1 for each wash bay
Low-pressure pumps 3
ACV water heater 45 – 100 kW
Osmosis system 1.2  membranes x 250 l / h
Duplex system water softening unit 3000 l/ h
Rotex osmosis tank 1000 l
Rotex softened water tank No
Rotex inlet water tank No
Rotex double-wall gas/oil tank x / 600 l
Salt container 60 l
Solenoid valves Yes
Safety valves for high-pressure pumps yes
Hot water mixer Yes
Anti-freeze system with sewer drain for water Yes
Inlet water filter Yes
Osmotic filter Yes
Powder metering system Yes
LED lighting in the container Yes
Moneychanger No
Reinforced container door Yes
Heat exchanger for underfloor heating Yes
Control and monitoring of the car wash via a 10-inch Schneider color touchscreen Yes
Control of a wash bay via a Schneider touchscreen No
Stainless steel and brass fittings Yes

Car wash models available in this technology:

The first car wash in the world to take a step away from the classical “rectangular” car washes.
The very definition of elegance, beauty and functionality is embodied in this time-defying structure.
Car wash that severs all ties with conventional wisdom.
Leggera is a reflection of a distinctive character and personality.
Martina will completely change the way you view car washes. It is our vision of the future

We install only the highest quality brands of equipment:

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A complex machine design for larger surface areas, medium- to high-traffic locations and the most complex user demands.
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