New car wash in France equipped with Adriateh Sferica

News and announcements

In a suburb of Nancy, France, up-and-coming car care and car wash facility brightly stands out among the competitors in the area. Easily seen and accessible, the car wash site is located in a Laxou shopping district along the main road on the parking of Auchan Hypermarché Laxou. Car Matic Laxou car wash, with its alluring exterior, serene tones and catchy tagline “Lavage beauté de votre véhicule” instantly calls for a visit. 

Car Matic’s leadership team intended to offer an unparalleled customer experience, and part of their customer-centric strategy was giving choices and flexibility to customers.

According to president and founder of Car Matic, Anthony Busselot, the idea was to create a unique car wash concept with multiple options in a single location to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Customers in France don’t have the same expectations. A certain amount prefers washing in a self-service car wash and will never go to the rollover. Contrarily, rollover customers see it as a practical and quick solution without having to wash a car by themselves and will never go to self-service. The others prefer professional detailing services such as steam cleaning, interior brushing, polishing, sealing or waxing, ceramic coating etc.

For those keen to be involved in the washing process Car Matic Laxou offers five covered self-service wash bays with seven washing programs including active foam, powder wash, brush, wheel wash, rinsing, hot wax and high gloss final rinsing with osmotic water. After spotless washing, customers can move their vehicles to covered bays with multiuse machines where they can get four services in one location. Particularly here, a combination of vacuums, tyre shiners, perfume and air blowers. 

For those looking for something less time-consuming there is a rollover car wash machine. The wash experience is enhanced with a colour-illuminated foam curtain from strobe, flashing or steady LED light. This dazzling lighting is a good way to draw the attention of potential customers and give them an experience they will come back for. 

Others who want to experience the new car feel again or want an advanced version of a regular car wash will enjoy an area for car detailing services. A pleasant surprise that completes the experience is a fun and handy self-service dog wash for the utmost care of furry friends. 

With the help of a smart management system tool Ready2Wash the newly opened car wash centre will be remotely monitored by operators at any time from any place. It is coin-operated and Ready2Wash compatible so customers can choose their favourite payment method.

The project took 6 years between negotiation with Auchan France and completion. “The challenge was to provide a centre that brought together all the best washing solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges in terms of water recycling. To be avant-garde and innovative with the best of technology.” Mr Anthony Busselot told.

Adriateh is proud to be part of this unique car wash project wishing the best to Car Matic Laxou for a new business venture. 

Project specifications

  • Self-service structure: Sferica
  • Number of bays: 5
  • Car wash type: Container
  • Washing programs: Rims prewash, Active foam, Pressure washing, Brush washing, Rinsing, Wax, Final rinsing (osmosis)
  • Accessories: Multique in the following combination: vacuum cleaner, tire shining, interior perfuming, air blower
  • Car wash management: Ready2Wash