Car wash technology

A car wash configuration adapted for your location, car washing frequency and budget An investment that is worthwhile many times over
  The Adriateh self-service washing machine is adapted for all your needs. It is characterized by flexibility as well as safe and straightforward use. The possibility of errors during operation is reduced to a minimum, which makes it exceptionally reliable. It ensures a long service life, maximum efficiency and, most importantly, enviable vehicle washing and cleaning performance. Almost 1500 components make up this unique self-service washing machine that will fulfill the expectations of the end users of your car wash and justify your investment many times over.

The Adriateh self-service washing machine is available in several different designs:

A complex machine design for larger surface areas, medium- to high-traffic locations and the most complex user demands.
An economical machine design for car washes for limited surface areas in smaller communities.
The best combination of investment, usable space and efficiency without sacrificing the provided quality of car washing.
A machine design intended to be built into or subsequently added to existing structures or car washes.

We provide advice and comprehensive support to your business

We’re here for all the questions or dilemmas you might have while choosing a self-service washing machine. We’ll hear you out carefully and, depending on the scope and type of the project, suggest a configuration that best fits your expectations and goals.  


We install components by well-known manufacturers with their original origin and characteristics label.

We believe in good quality and install tried and tested components. All the components of our machines are marked with the original manufacturer’s label, including their origin and characteristics. In the event of a breakdown of essential components that cannot be repaired, we deliver a replacement component from our supply within 24 hours, and for components being repaired at a service shop, we also provide a temporary replacement component so there would be no interruption in the operation of the car wash. Some of the brands we work with: CAT high-pressure pumps, GRUNDFOS low-pressure pumps, KONČAR electric motors, DANFOSS solenoid valves, BURKERT stainless steel air valves, ACV central heating furnaces, SCHNEIDER electronic components, ROTEX water tanks, GEBERIT low-pressure pipes and many others…  

Manage your car wash using smart control, even when you’re not there.

Control your car wash with a single touch, using a computer, tablet or smart phone. With the help of a smart control system, you will have complete control of all car wash operations no matter your location. Monitor operational processes as well as daily detergent consumption and identify potential breakdowns on time.

Control operational costs using smart budgeting and analytics tools.

Adapt your business strategy and achieve your financial goals faster with the help of analytics tools that give you detailed insights into sales, the operational costs of the car wash, visit frequency and user behavior, all in just a few clicks.

Get to know your users and reward their loyalty with amazing benefits.

Use all the advantages of the loyalty program offered by the Ready2Wash platform. Based on the analytics tools, offer your users appropriate and relevant rewards they will truly appreciate. With the help of the Ready2Wash smartphone application, two-way communication with users has never been easier, clearer or faster.  
Yes, I would like a smart car wash Learn everything about Ready2Wash

Make use of all the advantages of contactless payment, increase yield and obtain a faster return on investment.

Start investing into the future today and adapt your car wash for all payment methods. In addition to traditional payment methods, such as coins, tokens and magnetic keys, that car wash users are used to, attract also those users who less and less frequently pay using cash. Apart from being more competitive and attracting a higher number of new customers, you will also be able to better manage the traffic at your car wash and prevent long queuing times.

We take care of your investment day and night via 24/7 service support.

Reliable, fast and high-quality service support will be of great help to your business. Eight educated service technicians are at your disposal for all technical queries or dilemmas. They take emergency calls always ready for action. You can rely on:
  • regular service inspection checks
  • free service support via the call center
  • repairs during and beyond the warranty period
  • replacement devices while your own are being repaired
  • transport of components to the repair shop and back from it.

Adriateh car wash machines consist of the following components:

Technical room (Container)

Type 1 container with the following dimensions: L 5960 × W 2330 × H 2580 mm Type 2 container with the following dimensions: L 5960 × W 1500 × H 2580 mm

Container highlights

  • Internal height 2345mm
  • The stainless steel container reinforcement
  • The floor of the container is made of galvanized sheet metal thickness of 2 mm
  • Stone wool insulation thickness of 100 mm
  • (PE) Polyethylene vapour barrier
  • Waterproof OSB board panels thickness of 15 mm with anti-slip aluminium “Tear” plate 2+1 mm
  • Container ceiling: upper side; flat galvanized sheet metal thickness of 0.5 mm, polyurethane insulated sheet metal panels thickness of 50mm, underside; low-profile galvanized sheet P.T.8 / 130 thickness of 0.5 mm
  • Container walls: polyurethane insulated sheet metal panels thickness of 50mm
  • Doors: insulated metal door with the following dimensions: 2030 x 850 mm
  • Basic outside colour Anthracite RAL 7016
  • Adriateh logo on the top edges of stainless steel frame
  • LED lighting with switch
  • Electric room heater

Round out your car wash container with add-ons

For the finishing touch, pick a decorative aluminum mask for the front and rear sides of the container with or without doors in one of the available RAL colors: red 3003, graphite gray 7016, blue 5015 or yellow 1028.

Osmosis: the most sophisticated water purification process out there for spotless rinsing

The water used for final rinsing is purified using a reverse osmosis procedure that removes minerals and small particles from the water. Reverse osmosis is the most sophisticated water purification process out there and it ensures a stainless shine for the body of any vehicle. Your users will truly appreciate it, you can take our word for it. Final rinsing with demineralized (osmotic) water is a basic washing program at the Adriateh car wash.

Main control unit

  • Protected electrical cabinet

  • PLC operated with 10“ touch screen controller

  • Billing preferences manageable through PIN PROTECTED Menu

  • Revenue monitoring tool for every workplace; enables the ability to monitor overall revenue as well as revenue after the last reset, summation of current revenue and total for all workplaces

  • The self-diagnostic system: failure status is shown on the scheme along with an explanation (approximately 90% of failures) for osmosis, water softener, central powder tank, anti-freeze system, lighting and all operations of the machine management and supervision.

  • Automatic antifreeze system with solenoid valves easily controlled on the HMI touch screen.

  • Freeze protection valves (normally open valves).

High pressure pumps and solenoid valves

  • High pressure pumps (CAT ULTIMATE – 130 bar; 8l/min), with pressure shock absorbers and safety valves
  • Electric motors strength 2,2kW, 400V, 945 rpm
  • Groups of low-pressure watBURKERT Air valves made of stainless steel for extended life spaner pumps (equivalent to GRUNDFOS, EBARA, DAB).
  • Electromagnetic valves DANFOSS
  • Dispensers for chemicals with the possibility of individual regulation of the amount for each workplace
Options BURKERT Air valves made of stainless steel for extended life span

Low pressure pumps

Low pressure pumps (Grundfoss, Ebara, DAB)

Heating and water storage


  • Energy type: Diesel or Gas
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone water heater (low NOx premix gas, LPG natural gas or fuel oil).
  • Hot water stored at a consistently high temperature.
  • Body completely insulated in rigid polyurethane foam.
  • Enameled housing.
  • Control panel with Control Thermostat, T+P Gauge, Time Clock, Manual reset of high limit thermostat, On/Off Switch, Summer/Winter Switch.

Water tanks

  • Polyethylene water storage tanks ROTEX
  • Inlet water tank 1000 l
  • Osmtic water tank 2 x 1000 l
  • Softened water tank 1000 l
  • Electric float switch

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