Stunning transformation of the outdated car wash in France!

News and announcements

Adriateh, a frontrunner among European manufacturers of self-service car washes, has recently wrapped up an intriguing project in the charming Le Touvet, located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region of France.

Poulat – our most recent project – leads the inauguration of a groundbreaking business model aimed at revamping outmoded car washes on the French market. The well-established location already has all the necessary permits for vehicle washing, and it has now been upgraded with a fresh aesthetic and state-of-the-art technology, designed to rejuvenate the investor’s operations and ROI.

The Poulat site features our Quadra Nova structure, accommodating two interior and one exterior washing bays. The investor presents customers with an array of eight washing programs, including the standout ‘Polish Program’. This innovative addition addresses micro scratches and creates a protective, hydrophobic layer that imparts a dazzling shine to the vehicle.

Equipped with several of solar panels, the roof of the Quadra Nova in Le Touvet enhances the investor’s energy efficiency, further optimizing their operational costs. Consuming a mere 8 litres of water per minute, Adriateh’s car washes indeed set the standard for energy efficiency in the industry.

The newly minted car wash in Le Touvet is also outfitted with two multifunctional devices from the Multiqe series, offering services like vacuuming, dry cleaning, interior fragrance, and blow-drying.

Public data suggests that the French market is home to over 10,000 car washes that are at least a decade old. Adriateh’s transformative model could be the catalyst needed to revitalize this industry.

For new investors from the French market interested in taking the next steps, our distributor, NOVAQUATECH, is available for discovery sessions. We also offer a free, augmented reality-based app that allows you to visualize your future car wash in real-time.