MARTINA Self-Service Car Wash

Martina will completely change the way you view car washes. It is our vision of the future.

Martina will completely change the way you view car washes. It is our vision of the future. It is precise and sophisticated. With its bold and conspicuous character, it is virtually impossible to miss. It dominates the space but is not cumbersome. It leaves no one indifferent.

Explore Key Features of Martina Car Wash

This Adriateh car wash is adapted for all seasons and weather conditions to make a profit all year round.

  • Its structure design is patented with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva.

  • The structure of the self-service car wash is made out of stainless steel, which allows for a quicker and easier installation process in comparison with typical concrete structures, and this saves you precious time and money.

  • Stainless steel is 10 times more resistant than aluminum and can withstand larger snow and wind loads, which makes your car wash resistant to extreme weather conditions.

  • Stainless steel will ensure the longevity of the structure and, at the end of its service life, you can recycle it or sell it on the market as a valuable raw material.

  • The car wash roof is made out of isolation panels measuring 40 × 80 mm in RAL 9002, as a self- supporting model.

  • The car wash wash bays are separated by dividing “sandwich” panels measuring 30 mm in thickness that are rimmed with stainless steel profiles.


Bay width: 5 m
Depth: 6.2 m
Technical room width: 3 m
Maximum vehicle height for closed bays: 2.6 m
Maximum vehicle height for open bays: 3.9 m

Digital token machine in a freestanding stainless steel housing

  • It accepts tokens and 6 different coin types
  • It is compatible with virtual token payment methods via the Ready2Wash application
  • A 6-inch Schneider color touchscreen
  • A STOP button for quick emergency shutdown


4 LED lamps per wash bay that automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn

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Round out your Martina car wash with optional peripherals to make it special:

  • Boldly opt for visually striking dividing panels made out of plexiglass or glass, or for a combination of glass and sheet metal.
  • Pick and choose durable laminated stickers for dividing panels, token machines, moneychanger or vacuum cleaners and personalize them with custom prints.
  • Customize the stickers with the colors and visuals of your brand and clear instructions for car wash use or point out all the washing programs and payment methods that your car wash offers.
  • Ensure safety and clarity for the users of your car wash via a traffic light showing the occupancy of wash bays and facilitate vehicle flow, especially in cases of side access.
  • Protect the open wash bays used for washing cargo vehicles from splashing by using a barrier.
  • For the finishing touch, pick a decorative aluminum mask for the front and rear sides of the
  • container with or without doors in one of the available RAL colors: red 3003, graphite gray 7016, blue 5015 or yellow 1028.

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Martina self-service car wash is available in several machine designs:

A complex machine design for larger surface areas, medium- to high-traffic locations and the most complex user demands.
An economical machine design for car washes for limited surface areas in smaller communities.
The best combination of investment, usable space and efficiency without sacrificing the provided quality of car washing.

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The very definition of elegance, beauty and functionality is embodied in this time-defying structure.
Car wash that severs all ties with conventional wisdom.
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